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Ginbits Core Values

We Breathe Efficiency

Instead of accepting that “this is how things are being done”, we answer the question “how can we make things better?”, exploring new ways to make the world more efficient.

Innovation Means Revolution

We prefer to rethink the box entirely, not just think outside of it, always striving for innovation whether it is about development, ways to have fun, everyday life, or anything in between.

Agility + Adaptability = Happiness

We start every day knowing that we are able to adjust to anything that comes our way. Being agile and adaptable allows us to easily overcome obstacles and find quick solutions.

Collaboration is above all

Everyone in our team empowers each other as we all work towards the same goal. We take our individual passion for solving problems and forge solutions that apply everywhere.

What we offer

Impactful work

Impactful Work

Our products transform the day-to-day lives of thousands of professionals!

Regular Team Bonding

We meet and have fun outside of the office quite often, building our team spirit!

Continuous Training

A personal education budget is assigned to each employee, allowing you to keep growing!
Working Flexibility

Working flexibility

Ginbits offers both office-based and remote working options!
Top Notch Equipment

Top-Notch Equipment

Company laptops, screens, headphones, and all you need to be efficient and productive!
Competitive Salary

Competitive Salary

The salaries we offer are above the market standards!

Glassdoor reviews

  • Content Writer in Athens, Attica
    The perfect mix of professionalism and respect makes working at Ginbits Technology seem like an every-day vacation to the job you enjoy the most. With employee-centered approach at Ginbits makes you feel instantly at home. With the company prioritizing individual creativity, you find space to express your profession while working under detailed planning that leaves little to no room for error. Guidance regarding fields and industries previously unknown allows employees learn each and every day, in the most easy-going yet professional manner.
    Content Writer in Athens, Attica
  • Senior Software Engineer in Athens, Attica
    I am so much happier working here than anywhere I have worked before. Ginbits is a great company with a fun atmosphere and a fantastic group of people. There is a lot of collaboration across different teams so you can interact with a lot of people in the office.
    Senior Software Engineer in Athens, Attica
  • Content Writer in Athens, Attica
    Friendly startup atmosphere and a great team! Very understanding towards personal time.
    Content Writer in Athens, Attica